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                                                        "Why it's important to have a wedding video"

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Your wedding day is one of the most exciting and memorable days of your life, this is especially true for the bride, who has been imagining this day since she was a little girl. This is how it should be! Your wedding is a special, once in a lifetime moment, bonding you to the one you love. It's a beautiful moment you get to share with your cherished friends and loved ones. That blissful excitement often comes to a momentary halt, as newly engaged couples realize how much money goes into planning a wedding.


Weddings are expensive! There are so many costly details that go into planning the big day:What type of flowers and decor? Do we hire a live band or a DJ? How much do we want to spend on invitations? Plus the most expensive items: the venue and catering. Because of all of the expensive costs that go into a wedding, many couples opt out of hiring a videographer - - thinking a photographer will be able to capture the magic of the day just as well.


Unfortunately this is Not True! While a photographer is a necessity, a videographer is as much as a necessity as well. Still photos will not be able to capture the true magic and excitement of the day that a quality video can. Having video footage of that special day will allow you to go back and revisit those memories for the rest of your life. It can take you back to that heart felt moment in time, hearing the laughter of your loved ones once again, seeing all of the smiling faces of your friends and family who had come together to honor you. A wedding video also leaves a legacy for your future children and generations, which will be as equally special to them.

Often throughout life there are times in which we wish we could go back and relive cherished moments, but, unfortunately we cant, time presses forward. Those moments are just memories etched in our minds, that slowly and surely become faded and marred by time. However, with a quality wedding video, you can go back and experience those beautiful moments for the rest of your life.

If none of this has convinced you, think about this: is there a chance in the future you may look back and wish you did have video footage of that special day? If so, you owe it to yourself and your spouse to hire a wedding videographer to help capture that day; the chance of living with regret is a much higher cost. We understand the importance of your wedding, and will do what it takes to capture its essence, and deliver a final product that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Never Leave a Story Untold...


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