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What is a Flipbook and why should I have them at my wedding?

Are you looking for a fun and unique thing for your guests to do at your wedding?

You should try Flipbooks! They are a small book with a series of pictures. When the pages are turned rapidly, the pictures animate your 7 second video clip shot at our Flipbook station.


From beginning to end, here’s how it all works:

  • A 10 x 10 mobile studio is set up at your event

  • Party people stand in front of the camera with props or branded swag

  • A short video is taken while you make a short movie

  • Once you review the video and like it, we print the video, slice/dice it in our cutter and bind the small book right in front of their very eyes

  • When you flip through the flip book, you will smile in astonishment that you can see your video inside

It’s that simple. The whole process just takes minutes! Partygoers and guests will forever have a customized keepsake from your event.

Why should I have Flipbooks at my wedding?

1. Entertainment

Your guests will love it as they come back over and over again! “The Flipbooks were the highlight of the night and everybody was really pleased with the books,” said one of our brides. “We will never forget this night with the Flipbooks it was a absolute HIT!”

2. High-Quality Results

Today’s Flipbook Booths have the highest quality pictures and technology and ours is no exception. All of our Luxury Booths are packed with the latest professional studio equipment. We make sure your prints are of the very highest quality.

 Props: We provide each event with a variety of props that can range from anything. The best props ever!

3. Share the love

Not only will your guests receive a copy of the Flipbook on the night, we will also upload all of your (GIF) images to a link so you can share it with family and friends.  This helps carry on the fun for weeks after the big day as friends and family tag and comment on your silly GIF image on that special night.   

Lets make some Flipbooks and have FUN this wedding season!!!!

Flip It, Flip It, Flip It..... www.dreamcliponline.com/dreamclip-flipbook/

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